It's time to 'wake-up
and smell the coffee'

'Cash is King' again!

Cash is King

The phrase 'Cash is King' has all but disappeared in today's cashless society. And the reason is clear to see from the logos below.

  cash2work - dd and credit card logos

Nowadays, our salary is paid by electronic means and we pay for most of our goods and services by electronic methods too - direct debit, standing order, debit and credit cards, charge cards, etc, etc.

However, 'Cash is King' is due for a resurgence especially given the increasing future tax burden every one of us will need to pay.

Starting a small business where you can pay much less tax is without doubt the most rewarding and tax efficient route you will ever take.

The bottom line is - you need to start taking back control!

Sick of Paying Tax?

When I reached 43-years old, I said 'enough is enough!' I left a secure job, became self-employed and I've never looked back - I earned more money and paid a lot less tax too! I just wish I had done it sooner!

When employed I was sick to death of paying so much tax, it simply had to stop and for good reason too as I'll explain.

As an PAYE employee, I had a great job and was well rewarded, BUT, whenever I received a bonus and/or an annual salary increase, the Government took 51.5% of it! - that's a combination of 40% Tax and 11.5% NI.

And of course that's not all the Government took! After paying Tax and NI, the Government then collected another 17.5% in VAT on everything I then purchased. VAT is currently 20% and it might not stop there!! In Sweden, Norway & Hungary they're paying 25% VAT!!!

Imagine I had spent the net amount (what I took home) of my bonus or salary increase on fuel for my car, the Government would then claw back another 66% of my hard earned money in Tax and VAT!

Not to mention the other wealth destroying 'out of control' tax called the Council Tax - you can expect that to keep going up too!

You have to ask - what are Governments doing with all your hard earned money which they take so easily from you?

The bottom line is this - they absolutely waste it!

  Government Waste Bin

Why are you paying so much Tax?

The fact is this, Governments are now completely 'out of control' and have lost all understanding of what constitutes 'value for money' expenditure.

For example, does paying the EU a reported ?45-million/day represent good value for UK tax-payers?

Just look at the difference between how a business reacts and how a Government reacts when times get tough.

A Business will cut every possible cost - advertising, marketing, bonuses, salary increases and yes, sadly, even make people redundant, but that is how a business survives. They will also look at every possible operating cost and try and reduce it, that's because a business faces reality and deals with it ruthlessly.

A Government does this - spend money, spend more money and spend even more money - all your money, and in fact money they don't even have, hence why the Government has had to borrow so much money! As a result of this massive debt, you and future generations are going to be paying a lot more tax in the future.

If a business were to behave like a Government, it would have gone bust a long time ago. In fact, you could say that's what's happening right now - the country is as good as going bust!

Don't believe me?

Well here is the UK's National Debt:

..and here's what it's going to cost you personally:

Recalling the original question, 'Why are you paying so much tax?' - well there are three key reasons:

  1. The Government continues to waste so much money 
  2. The massive Government debt will need to be paid back 
  3. The Government needs to pay billions just to service the debt
    (currently, the interest on the UK Debt is approximately ?43-Billion/Year) 

And don't believe that a different political party will make a difference either!

Such is the state of politics today, like me, you have probably noticed that it appears Governments are no longer able to 'do the right thing' - and they appear not to be listening to their subjects anymore.

No wonder everyone is looking for an alternative to Capitalism and so called Democracy - well the answer is right here below:

We as individuals need to take back control rather than having any 'inert Government of the day' try to look after us.

That's why 'Cash is King' will experience a resurgence as more and more individuals begin to understand the power of cash and as a result, begin to take back control of their lives and future.

Little wonder why Governments are desperate to have everyone live within a cashless society - your government needs your money!

Time to switch Media

Is it time that you switched the media you watch? For the majority who only watch BBC, ITV and Channel Four - the answer is a big YES!

Let me give you two examples of alternative media you could begin watching and then simply make the comparison between what you normally see and hear to what alternative media reports.

So to the first one, have you heard of Max Keiser?

Keiser Report  click the image to watch

Max has a TV programme on RT (Russian Television) called 'Finance, Markets, Scandal' and I urge you to watch his programs - this guy really knows what's going on!

- his programs will shock you to the core!! 

...and have you heard of Lauren Lyster?

Capital Account  click the image to watch

Lauren also has a TV programme on RT called 'Capital Account' and I urge you to watch her programs too - she knows her stuff!

- her programs tell it as it is - forget the likes of the BBC, ITV

So how do you take back control?

Well, the first thing you need to do is become financially independent - that means you need to become self-employed and in so doing you will pay a lot less tax. It is by far the most tax efficient way.

The best way to start is to begin working part-time in the evenings or during the weekends and holidays.

Let me give you some examples:

   Painting & Decorating
   Private Taxi Service
   Gardening/Grass Cutting
   Window Cleaning
   Home Cleaning Service
   Weekend Market Stall
   Car Valeting
   Laundry Service
   Odd Jobs Person
- get the idea?

Of course, you will still need to pay tax, but as a small company, you only pay tax on the profits you make - that's called corporation tax.

So how do you get started?

The first thing to do is to consider what hobbies you enjoy and start a small business around that. You might enjoy grass cutting - I did, I loved it! So why not begin cutting other people's lawns. You might like cooking cakes - why not make cakes to sell? Why not?

Where to start?

I've just scratched the surface and hopefully pricked your conscience.

The first step is to be better informed and to do that you need to ignore the usual media are turn to alternative news sources. I have already mentioned two programs above 'Keiser Report' and 'Capital Account'.

I've listed below the sites I regularly visit to be better informed and I encourage you to do the same (each link opens a new page)

But don't get side-tracked

Whilst I encourage you to become better informed, the problem is you can waste so much time. In the end, you can't change what's going on in the world - you have to work around it. There is only thing you can change and that is yourself.

My advise is to stop watching so much television, forget facebook, yahoo news, OK magazine and newspapers - all they do is divert your time away from what you should be dong, and that is - taking control of your own life.

So, get out there and do what you need to do.

May God be with you!



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